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New Trial (Dugeon & Fighter OST) – Girl’s Day (Han | Rom | Eng)

Song: New Trial – Dungeon & Fighter OST
By: Girl’s Day


두려워 하지마
I’m For a New Trial

아무도 모르는 시간속에
새겨진 아픔들만 남아있었어
잊혀진 시간들을 기억하라고
이제는 너의 그 모습 찾아야만 하는거야

힘들게 지내왔던 그 지난 순간을
잊지말고 또 시작해 그리고 날아올라
저 멀리

*가질수 없는 희망과
닿을수 없는 미래가
내 눈앞에 펼쳐지지만
For a New Trial
이제는 두려워말고
잠재된 너의 능력을 펼쳐봐
For your dream

두려워 하지마
I’m For a New Trial

어두운 니 표정이 매일매일 조금씩 더 깊어지는걸 보았지
하지만 더 이상 이럴 수 없어
이제는 내려놓고 싶었어


두려워 하지마


Du ryeo wo ha ji ma
I’m For a New Trial

A mu do mo reu neun shi gan so ge
Sae gyeo jin a peum deul man na ma i sseo sseo
*I chyeo jin shi gan deu reul gi eok ha ra go
I je neun neo ye geu mo seup cha ja ya man ha neun geo ya

Him deul ge ji nae wat deon geu ji nan sun ga neul
It ji mal go ddo shi jak hae geu ri go na ra ol la
Jeo meol li

Ga jil su eom neun heui mang gwa
Da eul su eom neun mi rae ga
Nae nun a pe pyeol chyeo ji ji man
For a New Trial
I je neun du ryeo wo mal go
Jam jae dwaen neo ye neung nyeo geul pyeol chyeo bwa
For your dream*

Du ryeo wo ha ji ma
I’m For a New Trial

Eo du un ni pyo jeong i mae il mae il jo geum ssik deo gi peo ji neun geol bo at ji
Ha ji man deo i sang i reol su eop seo
I je neun nae ryeo no ko shi peo sseo


Du ryeo wo ha ji ma

English translation

Don’t be afraid
I’m For a New Trial

Inside the time when I was totally clueless
Only engraved pains were left
Remember the times you’ve forgotten
Now it’s time you must find that self of yours

The past moments that you had painfully spent
Don’t forget them, start again, and fly up high

*The hope I can’t have
The future I can’t reach
Though they are unfold in front of my eyes
For a New Trial
Now don’t be afraid
Unfold your potential ability
For your dream

Don’t be afraid
I’m For a New Trial

I could see your dark expression get deeper day after day
But it can’t be like this anymore
Now I wanted to put it down


Don’t be afraid

Hangeul lyrics
Romanized + translated by me

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