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출발 (Let’s Go) – Someday (어떤날) (Han | Rom | Eng)

Song: 출발 (Let’s Go)
By: Someday (어떤날)


하루하루 내가 무얼 하나
곰곰히 생각해보니
거진 옷 비슷한 의식주로
나는 만족하더군
은근히 자라난 나의 손톱을 보니
난 뭔가 달라져가고
여위어가는 너의 모습을 보니
너도 뭔가

꿈을 꾸고 사랑하고
즐거웠던 수많은 날들이
항상 아득하게 기억에 남아
멍한 웃음을 짓게하네

그래 멀리 떠나자
외로움을 지워보자
그래 멀리 떠나자
그리움을 만나보자


Ha ru ha ru nae ga mu eol ha na
Gom gom hi saeng gak hae bo ni
Geo jin ot bi seut han eui shik ju ro
Na neun man jok ha deo gun
Eun geun hi ja ra nan na ye son to beul bo ni
Nan mwon ga dal la jyeo ga go
Yeo wi eo ga neun neo ye mo seu beul bo ni
Neo do mwon ga

Ggu meul ggu go sa rang ha go
Jeul geo wot deon su ma neun nal deu ri
Hang sang a deuk ha ge gi eo ge na ma
Meong han u seu meul jit ge ha ne

Geu rae meol li ddeo na ja
Wae ro u meul ji wo bo ja
Geu rae meol li ddeo na ja
Geu ri u meul man na bo ja

English translation

What do I do everyday?
Now that I take time to think about it
With the food, clothing, and shelter alike to those of a beggar
I was content
Looking at my finger nail having grown long without me knowing
What in me has been changing?
Looking at you who has been pining away
What in you, too, has?

Those many days when we used to dream and love
while enjoying ourselves
Always, they remain deep down inside our memories
and make us flash an absent-minded smile

Yes, let’s leave for somewhere faraway
Let’s throw Loneliness aside
Yes, let’s leave for somewhere faraway
Let’s meet with Missing

Hangeul lyrics @ gasazip
Romanized + translated by me

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