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Hi guys. You may notice I’ve been offscreen for quite long. December has been and will be hectic for me with all the exams going on so may I take an one-month hiatus and will be back in January when my new year break comes πŸ˜€ So see you then πŸ˜€

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Merry Christmas ~~~~~~

I got this from my friend and it’s cute ~
Xmas tree

Here is an example on what you can do with it

See? Even Hangeng loves it ~~
Wish you a merry Christmas ^^~

P/S: btw they glitter too. IDK how to capture T__T

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IU’s cover collection

Hello, it’s me, the translator here at this blog. I know it’s strange but I just have this to share (actually don’t know where to share it)

Randomly found this and the quality is quite nice. Songs included:
1. 12μ›”31일 (December 31st)
2. 1994λ…„ μ–΄λŠ λŠ¦μ€λ°€ (One late night in 1994) (with Tomtom)
3. Almost
4. I I were you
5. Kiss me
6. Like a star
7. Loving you
8. Lucky (with Sung Jin Hwan)
9. Officially missing you
10. Put your records on
11. Say you love me
12. Sittin on the job
13. Slow motion
14. Time after time
15. Way back into love (with Na Yoon Kwon)
16. κ°€μ—¬μ›Œ (Poor thing) (actually I intended not to upload any official song of her here T__T so sorry for this)
17. 기닀리닀 (Waiting)
18. λ‚˜λŠ” κ·Έ μ‚¬λžŒμ΄ μ•„ν”„λ‹€ (The person who hurts)
19. λ‚˜λ„ μ—¬μžλžλ‹ˆλ‹€ (I’m a woman too)
20. λ‚œ 아직 μ‚¬λž‘μ„ λͺ°λΌ (I don’t know love yet)
21. 남과 μ—¬ (Boy and girl) (with Nam Yoon Kwon)
22. λ‚΄ λ‚¨μž (My man)
23. λ‚΄ μ•ˆμ˜ κ·ΈλŒ€ (You inside me)
24. λ„ˆμ—κ²Œ μ“°λŠ” νŽΈμ§€ (Letter to you) (with Key)
25. 눈물이 μ•ˆλ‚¬μ–΄ (Tears didn’t come out *LOL I know it sounds awkward. Because I literally translated it xD*)
26. λ“€λ¦¬λ‚˜μš” (Can you hear me)
27. Lemon tree (Korean ver)
28. λ°”λžŒ 꽃 (This is her song too T__T Queen Seondeok OST. But this is a live version)
29. λ°”λž˜μ§„ 기얡에 (In my fading memory)
30. 보고 μ‹Άλ‹€ (I miss you) (Gumy ver)
31. μ‚¬λž‘λ©”λ“€λ¦¬ (Love medley) (in Lovely picnic)
32. μ‚¬λž‘μ€ λ΄„λΉ„μ²˜λŸΌ 이별은 κ²¨μšΈλΉ„μ²˜λŸΌ (Love is like spring rain, parting is like winter rain)
33. Sebakwi Medley (Sebakwi or World Changing Quiz) (this is comprised of “Love is like spring rain, parting is like winter rain”, “μžŠμ§€ λ§μ•„μš”” *Iris OST by Baek Ji Young*, “Marshmallow” *LOL*)
34. μŠ¬ν”ˆμΈμ—° (Sad Fate)
35. μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ 이별 (Sad Goodbye)
36. 애인 μžˆμ–΄μš” (I have a lover) (with Lee Young Hyun)
37. 였늘 ν—€μ–΄μ‘Œμ–΄μš” (Broke up today)
38. 쒋은 μ‚¬λžŒ (Good Person)
39. 첫 μ‚¬λž‘μ΄μ£  (It’s first love) (with Na Yoon Kwon) (sorry, this is official too T__T)
40. νŽΈμ§€ν• κ²Œμš” (I’ll write you a letter)
41. All you need is love (with Zitten & Ran)

Download here

I don’t own this but please give me credit as reuploaded or something xD


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