당신이죠 (It’s You) (The Servant OST) – Navi (나비) (Han | Rom | Eng)

05 Mar

Song: 당신이죠 (It’s You) – TV 방자전 (The Servant) OST
By: Navi (나비)


조금 한걸음만 다가와줘요
우두커니 서 있는 나를 봐요
곁에 두고 볼 순 없나요

오늘이 지나도 볼 수 있기를
숨소리라도 들을 수 있기를
지친 그리움이
애타는 내 사랑이

* 소리없이 다가 온
꿈결 같은 이 사랑에 녹아
메마른 꽃의 단비가 되어준 그대
애써 멈추지마요
제발 이 손 끝까지 잡아요

** 다음 세상에서는
우리 힘든 사랑 하지마요
좋은 추억만 간직해요
오직 나의 사랑은
오직 나의 사랑은

내 눈물이 흐르는 비가 되어
내 가슴이 찢겨진 꽃잎 되어
낱낱이 흩어져
어느새 그대 곁을


나는 느낄 수 있죠 그댈
숨기지 않을래요
한걸음 더 가까이



Jo geum han geo reum man da ga wa jwo yo
U du keo ni seo in neun na reul bwa yo
Dwin mo seu bi ra do
Han sun gan ma ni ra do
Gyeo te du go bol sun eom na yo

O neu ri ji na do bol su it gi reul
Sum so ri ra do deu reul su it gi reul
Ji chin geu ri u mi
Ae ta neun nae sa rang i
Mae chyeo wa yo

* So ri eop shi da ga on
Ggum gyeol ga teun i sa rang e no ga
Me ma reun ggo chye dan bi ga dwae eo jun geu dae
Ae sseo meom chu ji ma yo
Je bal i son ggeut gga ji ja ba yo
Sa rang hae yo

** Da eum se sang e seo neun
U ri him deun sa rang ha ji ma yo
Jo eun chu eong man gan jik hae yo
O ji na ye sa rang eun
O jik na ye sa rang eun
Dang shi ni jyo

Nae nun mu ri heu reu neun bi ga dwae eo
Nae ga seu mi jjit gyeo jin ggo chip dwae eo
Nan na chi heu teo jyeo
Eo neu sae geu dae gyeo teul
Maem do ne yo


Na neun neu ggil su it jyo geu dael
Sum gi ji a neul lae yo
Han geo reum deo ga gga i
Geu dae yeo


English translation

Come a bit closer to me, just one step
Look at me who is standing vacantly
Even just from the back
Even for just one moment
Can’t I have you by my side and look at you?

When today is over, if only I could still see you
Even just your breath, if only I could hear it
A jaded longing
My desperate love
is forming

* Silently coming to me
This dreamlike love makes me melt
You came like a much-needed rain to a withered flower
Don’t try to stop
Please grab my hand, even at these fingertips
I love you

** In the next life
Let us not love an arduous love
Treasure only the good memories
My only love
My only love
It’s you

My tears become a flowing rain
My heart becomes ripped petals
All scattering
Already by your side
They are hovering


I can feel you
Won’t you hide away from me?
My dear


Hangeu lyrics @ gasazip
Romanized + translated by me

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