사랑찬가 (Anthem Of Love) – Flower Boy Corporation (꽃미남 주식회사) (Han | Rom | Eng)

05 Feb

Song: 사랑찬가 (Anthem Of Love)
By: Flower Boy Corporation (꽃미남 주식회사)


Hook) 내 삶에 한사람 이젠 내 손을 잡아요
하루를 살아도 이렇게 사랑할 수 있도록
어두운 날 위해 눈물로 찾아온 그대여
영원히 내 안에만 머물러 날 비춰줘

1. 지워요 가슴속에 사랑 그 이유로 울던 날들
누군가 만들어둔 벽에 기대 한숨짓지 말고
믿어요 우리사랑 서로 바라보다 안겨 잠들 수 있게
행복하겠죠 우리 함께라면

Hook) Repeat

2. 버려요 어깨위에 그댈 짓누르는 모든 것들
가볍게 웃어 봐요 그댄 웃는 얼굴이 예쁘죠
기대요 이젠 내게 모든 기쁨과 슬픔도 둘이 나눠요
좋은 일들만 생각해요 이젠

Hook) Repeat

Bridge) 지난 아픔은 어제로 묻어버려 새로운 내일을 위해

Hook) 바람이 불어도 잿빛구름에 가려도
저 붉은 태양은 언제나 그랬듯이 타올라
우리의 사랑도 비바람 속에 견뎌내면
찬란한 슬픔 모두 지우고 다신 지지 않을 행복에 빛나겠죠


Hook) Nae sal me han sa ram i jen nae so neul ja ba yo
Ha ru reul sa ra do i reo ke sa rang hal su it do rok
Eo du un nal wi hae nun mul lo cha ja on geu dae yeo
Yeong won hi nae a ne man meo mul leo nal bi chwo jwo

1. Ji wo yo ga seum so ge sa rang geu i yu ro ul deon nal deul
Nu gun ga man deu reo dun byeo ge gi dae han sum jit ji mal go
Mi deo yo u ri sa rang seo ro ba ra bo da an gyeo jam deul su it ge
Haeng bok ha get jyo u ri ham gge ra myeon

Hook) Repeat

2. Beo ryeo yo eo ggae wi e geu dael jin nu reu neun mo deun geot deul
Ga byeop ge u seo bwa yo geu daen un neun eol gu ri ye bbeu jyo
Gi dae yo i jen nae ge mo deun gi bbeum gwa seul peum do du ri na nwo yo
Jo eun il deul man saeng gak hae yo i jen

Hook) Repeat

Bridge) Ji nan a peu meun eo je ro mu deo beo ryeo sae ro un nae i reul wi hae

Hook) Ba ra mi bu reo do jaet bit gu reu me ga ryeo do
Jeo bul geun tae yang eun eon je na geu raet deu shi ta ol la
U ri ye sa rang do bi ba ram so ge gyeon dyeo nae myeon
Chal lan han seul peum mo du ji u go da shin ji ji a neul haeng bo ge bin na get jyo

English translation

Hook) The one person in my life, take my hand now
Even if we had one day to live, so that I can love you this way
In tears, you came for me who was in darkness, My dear
Please forever linger inside of me, shine for me

1. Erase them, the days when you had to cry because of love
Don’t lean against the wall someone has built and sigh
Believe in our love, so that we can look into each other’s eyes, falling asleep in each other’s embrace
We will be happy, as long as we are together

Hook) Repeat

2. Throw them away, all the things that are weighing on your shoulders
Try smiling a bit, your smiling face is pretty
Lean on me now, all the happiness and sadness, let’s share with each other
Now think of only the good things

Hook) Repeat

Bridge) Let the past pain buried with yesterday, for another new day tomorrow

Hook) Even when the wind blows, even when gray clouds cover the sky
That red sun will be blazing as ever
If our love also has to struggle in storms
Erasing all the blinding sadness, with the happiness that won’t ever sink, we will shine again

Hangeul lyrics @ gasazip
Romanized + translated by me


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2 responses to “사랑찬가 (Anthem Of Love) – Flower Boy Corporation (꽃미남 주식회사) (Han | Rom | Eng)

  1. Hyuna

    March 31, 2013 at 8:44 PM

    그음성이정말 좋아땅ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ조아조아

  2. Anonymous

    April 5, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    그음성이정말 좋아땅ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ조아조아


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