보고 싶은 얼굴 (The face I miss) – Min Hae Kyung (민해경) (Han | Rom | Eng)

28 Jul

Song: 보고 싶은 얼굴 (The face I miss)
By: Min Hae Kyung (민해경)


내 사랑 어디쯤에 있나
밤은 더 외로워만 지고
눈으로 주고 받던 말이
속으로 느껴지는데

수없이 많은 밤은 가고
마음은 그대 향해 있어
서글퍼 눈물이 흘러도 보고 싶은 얼굴

메마른 가슴 끌어 안고
정들은 사람 그리면서
혼자서 지새우는 밤에 보고싶은 사람

랄라라라라라~ 랄라라라라라~


Nae sa rang eo di jjeu me in na
Ba meun deo wae ro wo man ji go
Nu neu ro ju go bat deon ma ri
So geu ro neu ggyeo ji neun de

Su eop shi ma neun ba meun ga go
Ma eu meun geu dae hyang hae i sseo
Seo geul peo nun mu ri heul leo do bo go shi peun eol gul

Me ma reun ga seum ggeu reo an go
Jeong deu reun sa ram geu ri myeon seo
Hon ja seo ji sae u neun ba me bo go shi peun sa ram

La la la la la la ~ La la la la la la~

English Translation

Around where does my love stand?
With nights just getting lonelier
Words exchanged through the eyes
are felt deep inside

Going through numerous nights
My heart is towards you
The face I miss even with tears falling from sadness

Embracing my hardened heart
As I draw my endeared person
The person I miss on sleepless alone nights

La la la la la la ~ La la la la la la

Hangeul lyrics @ gasazip
Romanized + translated by me

This is the song Junsu sang in Immortal Songs 2. What a pity, I think he could’ve won 😀

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