희망사항 (My ideal match) – Byun Jin Sup (변진섭) (Han | Rom | Eng)

09 Jan

Song: 희망사항 (My ideal match)
Singer: 변진섭 (Byun Jin Sup)


청바지가 잘 어울리는 여자
밥을 많이 먹어도 배 안나오는 여자
내 얘기가 재미없어도 웃어주는 여자
난 그런 여자가 좋더라
머리에 무스를 바르지 않아도 윤기가 흐르는 여자
내 고요한 눈빛을 보면서 시력을 맞추는 여자
김치볶음밥을 잘 만드는 여자
웃을때 목젖이 보이는 여자
내가 돈이 없을 때에도
마음 편하게 만날 수 있는 여자
멋내지 않아도 멋이 나는 여자
껌을 씹어도 소리가 안나는 여자
뚱뚱해도 다리가 예뻐서
짧은 치마가 어울리는 여자

내가 울적하고 속이 상할때
그저 바라만봐도 위로가 되는 여자
나를 만난 이후로 미팅을
한번도 한번도 안 한 여자

라~~라~~~라~~~라~~~라 라~~라~~라~~라~~
라~~~라~~~라~~라 라~~라~~라~~
난 그런 여자가 좋더라 난 그런 여자가 좋더라

여보세요 날 좀 잠깐 보세요
희망사항이 정말 거창하군요
그런 여자한테 너무 잘 어울리는
난 그런 남자가 좋더라


Cheong ba ji ga jal eo ul li neun yeo ja
Ba beul man i meo geo do bae an na o neun yeo ja
Nae yae gi ga jae mi eob seo do u seo ju neun yeo ja
Nan geu reon yeo ja ga jo teo ra
Meo ri e mu seu reul ba reu ji an a do yun gi ga heu reu neun yeo ja
Nae go yo han nun bi cheul bo myeon seo shi ryeo geul mat chu neun yeo ja
Gim chi bo ggeum ba beul jal man deu neun yeo ja
U seul ddae mok jeo jeo bo i neun yeo ja
Nae ga don i eob seul ddae e do
Ma eum pyeon ha ge man nal su in neun yeo ja
Meon nae ji an a do meo shi na neun yeo ja
Ggeom eul ssi beo do so ri ga an na neun yeo ja
Ddung ddung hae do da ri ga yeo bbeo seo
Jjal beun chi ma ga eo ul li neun yeo ja

Nae ga ul jeok ha go so gi sang hal ddae
Geu jeo ba ra man bwa do wi ro ga dwae neun yeo ja
Na reul man nan i hu ro mi ting eul
Han beon do han beon do an han yeo ja

Nan geu reon yeo ja ga jo teo ra nan geu reon yeo ja ga jo teo ra

Yeo bo se yo nal jom jam ggan bo se yo
Hee mang sa hang i jeong mal geo chang ha gun yo
Geu reon yeo ja han te neo mu jal eo ul li neun
Nan geu reon nam ja ga jo teo ra

English Translation

A girl who looks good in jeans
A girl whose belly doesn’t show even when she eats a lot
A girl who laughs at my stories even when they’re not funny
I like that kind of girl
A girl with lustrous hair even when she doesn’t use mousse
A girl who adjusts her sight while seeing the silent look in my eyes
A girl who makes delicious kimchi fried rice
A girl who shows her uvula when she laughs (TN: a girl who can laugh her head off)
Even at times when I don’t have money
a girl who feels comfortable to meet me
A girl who is elegant even when she doesn’t dress up
A girl who doesn’t make sound when she’s chewing gum
A girl whose legs are beautiful even when she’s chubby
so that she looks good in short skirts

When I’m gloomy, when I’m down
a girl who becomes my comfort even though she does nothing but looking at me
After seeing me
a girl who doesn’t go to blind dates even just once, just once

I like that kind of girl, I like that kind of girl

Hello, please look at me for a minute
How high your ideal match is
A man who would make a good couple with that kind of girl
I like that kind of man

Hangeul lyrics @ gasazip
Romanized & translated by me

Kyuhyun sang a bit of this song in Super Junior’s Foresight, I found it quite cute so ^^


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4 responses to “희망사항 (My ideal match) – Byun Jin Sup (변진섭) (Han | Rom | Eng)

  1. KyuHaeTeukieee~

    March 11, 2012 at 8:14 PM

    Wow! Finally, I found this one! Haha! Thanks:)
    I also heard kyuhyun sang this one, so I searched for this one!

  2. KyuHaeTeukieee~

    March 11, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    hey. do you know where i can download this one? thanks.

  3. Chen Rui Lian (@Relian612)

    August 25, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    thanks for this!! i’ve been looking for this song since I heard Infinite’s Dongwoo sang it… ^^ it’s so cute…

  4. xAnita131x

    March 1, 2013 at 4:33 AM

    Thank u for the trans, I was searching for this ^^ haha I also listened to Kyu’s version and fell in love with this song, so cute, thanks again


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