Korean Children’s Counting Song <3

08 Mar

Hangeul (한글)
일초라도 안 보이면~
이렇게 초조 한데~
삼 초는 어떻게 기다려~
사랑해~ 널 사랑해~
오늘은 말 할거야~
육 십억 지구에서 널 만나 건~
칠 lucky야~
사랑해~ 여기저기 한눈 팔지 말고 나를 봐~
좋아해~ 나를 항해 웃는 미소 매일매일 보여줘~
팔딱팔딱 뛰는 가슴~
구해줘 오 내 마음~
십 년이 가도 너를 사랑해~
언제나 이맘 변치 않을게~~~~


(1) Il chorado an boimyeon~
(2) Ireoke chojo hande~
(3) Sam choneun eoddeoke gidaryeo~
(4) Saranghae~ Neol saranghae~
(5) Oneureun mal halgeoya~
(6) Yuk shibeok jigueseo neol manna geon~
(7) Chil lucky ya~
Saranghae~ Yeogijeogi hannun palji malgo nareul bwa~
Joahae~ Nareul hanghae unneun miso maeilmaeil boyeojwo~
(8) Palddakpalddak ddwineun gaseum~
(9) Guhaejwo oh nae maeum~
(10) Ship nyeoni gado neoreul saranghae~
Eonjena imam byeonji aneulge~~~~

English Translation

If one second I can’t see you~
Like this I will become restless~
Then how can I wait for three seconds~
I love you~ I love YOU~
Today I’m gonna say it out~
Out of six billion people on this Earth, that I can meet you~
7 is lucky ~
I love you~ Don’t cast your eyes here and there and look at me~
I like you~ Everyday show me your smiley smile ~
Leaping leaping My heart is pounding~
Please rescue my heart~
Love you even 10 years go by~
This heart will never change~~~~

Hangeul – my teacher ~
Romanized by me
Translated by me ~

Hehe I wonder why such a song for children has this kind of lyrics ^^
Cute song though ~

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One response to “Korean Children’s Counting Song <3

  1. bellaabell

    August 20, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    Hi! do you have DL mp3 for that song? 🙂


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